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Steve Juzwik Steve Juzwik
Halfback, Offense and Defense; Washington Redskins 1942; US Military 1942-1945; Buffalo Bills 1946-1947; Chicago Rockets 1948

A quick open-field ball carrier, the popular Steve Juzwik was regarded as one of the fastest offensive and defensive backs in the 1940s.

Born in Gary, Indiana, the muscular 5-ft, 8-inch, 185-pounder Juzwik starred at Notre Dame before joining the Washington Redskins in 1942, when he set a record for the longest KO/Punt return in NFL history - 101 yards.

After amassing two touchdowns in his first two NFL games and averaging 5.0 yards per/carry, including a 39-yard scamper for a TD, he proudly left for military service and returned four year later with the Buffalo Bills of the All-American Conference.

In 1946, his first season back, he scored three touchdowns on 71 carries, including a 68-yard run, gained 455 yards for an outstanding 6.4 average per/carry.

After he retired in 1948, the well-liked, easy-going Steve Juzwik coached at Weber High School (Gordon Tech) in Chicago, Illinois... thanks for the memories coach... John R. Balazs administrator@footballhistorian.com

Merl Condit Merl Condit
Halfback, Quarterback - Pittsburgh Steelers 1940, 1946; Brooklyn Dodgers (NFL) 1941-1943; War-time Service 1943-44; Washington Redskins 1945

An all-around athlete at West Virginia/Carnegie-Mellon, Merlyn Condit was rightly nicknamed 'Merlyn the Magician' for his ability to maneuvered, seemingly like magic, thru opposing defensive lines.

In his third year in the NFL, 1942, he was second in the league in rushing with 647 yards on just 129 carries, while averaging an outstanding 5.0 yards per/attempt, scored 3 TD, including a 63-yard run.

Merl Condit 6-year career stats: 54 Games, 421 Attempts, 1,713 yards, 4.1 yards average, 11 TD, with 10 Interceptions and 1TD... Passing - completed 10-of-48 attempts, 152 yards, 1 TD... footballhistorian.com - Football History - All Rights Reserved

Bud Schwenk Bud Schwenk
Quarterback - Chicago Cardinals 1942; Military Service 1943-1945; Cleveland Browns 1946; Baltimore Colts 1947; New York Yankees 1948

Wilson 'Bud' Schwenk had an outstanding rookie season with the Chicago Cardinals in 1942, when he led the NFL in passing attempts with 295, and completed 126 for 1,350 yards and six touchdowns.

He returned after the War, at age 27, and played one season as backup quarterback to Hall of Famer Otto Graham with the Cleveland Browns of the All-American Conference. Traded to the Baltimore Colts in 1947, Schwenk led the league in completions with 168 and led in passes attempted with 327, a 51.4 completion average and tossed for a resounding total of 2,236 yards and 13 touchdowns. Bud Schwenk career stats: completed 315-of-662 passes, a 47.6 Pct, 3,914 yards, 23 TD, 50 INT, a 46.5 rating... footballhistorian.com - The Keeper of Football History

No Bootlegging, Please! - The War Years

No Bootlegging, Please! - The War Years

Nothing Counts *** But Victory

Recalling World War II

Conserve Materials to Win the War

The following pamphlet from a collection of Emil & Irene Migala, Chicago, Illinois

Pamphlet printed and copyrighted in 1942 by Consolidated Book Publishers, Edited by Albert Parry

Page 17

Note: Sugar and Tires needed by the US Military were sold to citizens only with coupons issued by the United States Government during World War II.

No Bootlegging, Please! It's not smart to try to beat the Government. Hoarding sugar or buying auto tires from the crooks who have replaced the old shifty-eyed bootleggers is just a fancy way of committing suicide. It's like the smartness of the frantic passenger who pushes the ship's captain out of the lifeboat in order to save his cherished chest of fancy foods. As a result, the lifeboat runs off it's course, and both the passenger and his fancy food sink to the ocean bottom.

It's not smart to tell your friends that you know 'a reliable dealer who can get you a set of tires for only four times what they used to cost.'

The patriotic citizen will not sabotage his government by negotiating with any of the gangsters of the black market. When privation comes, he will shrug his shoulders and accept it. He knows that even such small personal sacrifice will help win the war and preserve us from a lifetime of slavery under foreign conquerors.

And if we don't buy things, we can help prevent the spiral of inflation that would raise not only the cost of luxuries but the cost of the real necessities of life. That would be disastrous.

But if we don't buy things, if prices remain low on the bare necessities of life, what can we do with our money. You guessed it, buy Defense Bonds.'

Our footballhistorian.com administrator notes: No footballs, helmets or shoulder pads nor toys were not produced during the war years... and no football trading cards. Kids had to play with old Popsicle sticks or cloths-pins, or play with used bottle-caps, and of course no trick-or-treating during Halloween because of the shortage of sugar... only tricking by youths - mainly waxing store windows and in rural areas, turning over outhouses (toilets).

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