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Super Bowl XLII : Baltimore Ravens: 34 - San Francisco 49ers: 31

Teams with most NFL Championships:
(as of February 1, 2013)

Green Bay Packers 13
(The Green Bay Packers are the only NFL team to win three straight titles, (1929-30-31 and also 1965-66-67)).

Chicago Bears 9
New York Giants 8
Pittsburgh Steelers 6
Dallas Cowboys 5

San Francisco 49ers 5
Washington Redskins 5
Cleveland Browns 4
Detroit Lions 4
Indianapolis/Baltimore Colts 4

FootballHistorian.com History Notes:

1889-1909, The Ohio League -

1892, Playing for Big Money in

1902-1903, First Indoor Pro Game -

1920s, Single-Wing Formation...

1921, The First Huddle

1922, First NFL Season -

1922, Leading Scorers -

1923 Chicago Cardinals, High End Performers -

1924-1945 , Football Award Winners -

1925, The Way It Was -

1925 Chicago Cardinals, On to the Championship -

1926, American Football League -

1932, Championship Game

1932 New York Giants, Beginning of a New Era -

1933-1934, Old-time Teams

1934, NFL in

1940s, Bears Dominate Early

1942, College Football

1950, Free Substitution Rule

1955, First Round Draft Picks -

1978, Leading Rushers

1978, Quarterbacks -

A new defense - 1963, 'Gimmie that ball' -

Atkins, Doug

Balazs, Frank

Battles, Gyp

Baugh, Sammy

Bingaman, Les

Bob St Clair, Raw Meat -

Brooklyn - Nov 30, 1932, Defense Rules, Giants top

Brown, Bill 'Boom Boom'

Brown , Jimmy

Burdick , Tiny

Burnett, Dale

Canton Bulldogs, Massillion Tigers vs

Chamberlin, Guy

Chicago Bears, 1965

Chicago Cardinals, 1947 World Champions -

Clark, Earl 'Dutch'

Cleveland Browns, Post-War

Condit, Merl

December 1925, Profession Football These Days...

December 1960, Packers vs Bears -

Depression Years, Financial Disaster -

Detroit Superb, Quite Frankly,

Driscoll, Paddy

Dudley, Bill

Early 1930s, Changing the Rules...

Evansville Crimson Giants, Not Up To Snuff...

Farkes, Andy

First TV Games, First Radio and

Flatley, Paul

Football 1926, First Inter-League Playoff -

Fortman, Dan

Fouts, Dan

Fuqua , The Fun-Loving John

Grange, Red

Grantham, Larry

Green Bay Packers, NFL Champions - 1936

Groza, Lou 'The Toe'

Guy, Ray

Guyon, Joe

Ham, Jack

Harvard , 1923 Yale tops

Herber, Arnie

Hewitt, Bill

Hickerson , Gene

Hirsch, Elroy 'Crazy Legs'

Historian Sites, Sports

Hornung, Paul

Hutson, Don

Immaculate Reception, The

Indians 1920s, Oorang

Isbell, Cecil

Juzwik, Steve

Kavanaugh , Ken

Kiesling, Walt

Lambeau, Earl (Curly)

Lane, Dick 'Night Train'

Late 1940s, Philadelphia Rules the NFL -

Lewellen, Verne

Lillard, Joe

Little, Larry

Luckman, Sid

Lundy, Lamar

Lyman, Link

Marchetti, Gino

Maroons, Toledo

Matson, Ollie

Maynard, Don

McAfee, George

McCormick, Mike

McElhenny, Hugh

Miller, Ookie

Millner, Wayne

Minnesota Vikings, 1964

New York Jets, Early Years -

NFL, 1965

NFL in 1992, A Crop of Standouts -

Nov 1929, Nevers Score 40 Points -

November 13, 1932, Giants beat Staten Island -

Oct 17, 1932, Packers top Bears -

Otto, Jim

Panthers Roster, 1925 Detroit

Parker, Ace

Parker, Jim

Perry, Joe

Piccolo, Brian

Pihos, Pete

Players - 1992, All-Pros and Veteran

Presnell, Glenn

Red Grange, Joining the Pro Ranks -

Ringo, Jim

Robinson, Johnny

Robustelli, Andy

Rookies 1939, High Performing

Rooney, Art

Rose Bowl , 1942

Rules Changed, Football's Early History -

Schwenk, Bud

Sonnenberg, Gus

Staples, Stapleton

Statistics, 1942 NFL Leaders -

Stenerud, Jan

Super Bowl I, 1967

Super Bowl II , 1968

Super Bowl III, 1969

Super Bowl IV, 1970

Super Bowl IX , 1975

Super Bowl V, 1971

Super Bowl VI, 1972

Super Bowl VII, 1973

Super Bowl VIII, 1974

Super Bowl X, 1976

Super Bowl XI, 1977

Super Bowl XII, 1978

Super Bowl XIII, 1979

Super Bowl XXIV, 1989-1990

The Great Depression, Then and Now -

Thorpe, Jim

Tingelhoff, Mick

Triangles, Dayton

Trippi, Charley

Tunnell, Emlen

Upshaw, Gene

Vick, Ernie

Voss, Tillie

Warrior Mode - 1920s, Physically, they fit the

Wentz, Barney

White, Byron 'Whizzer'

Willis, Bill

Wilson, Wildcat

World War II, Read It Here Again!...

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